Digital DKOU 2020 – Berlijn

Deutscher Kongres für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie

Dinsdag 20 oktober t/m vrijdag 23 oktober 2020

Through the involvement of further connections grown over many years, the DKOU is a meeting place for the international opinion leaders of our field.

As orthopaedic and trauma surgeons we have the privilege of treating our patients from infancy to an advanced age, from conservative therapy to 3D-supported surgery in Hybrid-ORs, from simple injury to polytrauma.

It is this diversity and appeal of our field that we will explore in depth during the largest conference of orthopaedics and trauma surgery in Europe.

In addition to traditional topics we will illuminate and question new focal topics and further aspects of our daily practice:

  • What is the current state of sustainability and ecological aspects in our present-day medical world? Do we have to create mountains of packaging materials, occasionally inferior single-use instruments and implants and subsequently discard them? Are there other ecologically and economically sensible ways?
  • When do we need to revise complications and who should do the job?
  • Do new solutions exist for the growing number of “Best Agers Plus”?
  • Who will treat us in the future? Is part-time employment sufficient to gain experience and evidence-based knowledge?
  • How do we continue to attract the coming generations to our discipline? How should and must specialist training be structured?
  • How does our interaction with other disciplines shape up? Is the political aim of academization of nursing and physiotherapy the right way to go?
  • Do we have to record everything in registers? – How are they beneficial?
  • Who will steer our patients in the future? Dr. Google, health insurances or us physicians?

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Naam Digital DKOU 2020 – Berlijn
Type Congres
Datum 23-10-2020
Locatie Messe Berlin South Entrance, Jafféstraße 14055, Berlin, Germany

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